Sabine Karlès




Sabine Karlès

Originally from Belgium, near Liege, Sabine Karlès defines herself as a self-taught artist. Sabine Karlès defines herself as a self-taught artist.

Her various jobs (bank employee, beautician, manager of a B&B, policewoman...) finally led her to refocus on her first love, Art, and especially painting.

Between light and shadow, movement and texture, Sabine is inspired by nature and precious stones to create her unique works, in which her love for brilliance meets colors and reflections of a rare depth. From this nature that she tames are born representations of geodes and precious stones ranging from diamonds to sapphires through emeralds, rubies and various crystals.

If this artist likes, sometimes, to dive in the abstract art, she conjugates there, in every inspiration, her love for the sparkle, the colors and the brightness of the resin.

Open-minded in life as in her creations, Sabine develops her paintings and decorative objects with a variety of materials: epoxy resin, pigment powders, acrylic paints, ink alcohols, natural crystals, sand, minerals such as malachite, pyrite, quartz ..., as well as shells, sequins, gold leaf...

She works with different shapes: round, square, diptychs, triptychs, abstracts... and different formats: from a small 40 cm (15,7 inches) to 2 meters (78,7 inches). She can work with any colors and the 3 golds, according to the wishes of her clients.

Sabine Karlès

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