Sabine Karlès



A luxurious and refined decoration

Discover epoxy resin decoration boards, their sparkling colors, a design made with passion, decorated with real crystals.

Sparkling crystals

Your house, your walls will be sublimated by the crystal. An endless journey of reflections, light, facets to fill your eyes.


Decorative painting - Sparkling colors - Design passion

Unique contemporary works of art that will become centerpieces in any interior, bringing a luxurious and refined touch to your interior design.

Tableau Violet - Purple Shigry

A new interior design!

You will find contemporary works of art, which will become the master pieces in the embellishment of your interior, bringing a brilliant and refined touch.

Elegance and chic design

On some paintings, you will discover a mirror banding, a very luxurious finish!

4 teintes existent : Or jaune, or rose, argent, anthracite.

Epoxy resin gloss

The epoxy resin allows to have more intense colors, with more depth, and a particular glossy finish that helps to sublimate the decorative paintings, as frozen in time.


All creations are handmade by me in my workshop near Liege in Belgium. I work with wood, acrylics, inks, pigments, crystals, semi-precious stones, gold leaves, epoxy resin.

Customized artworks

If you wish to acquire one of my works, you have the possibility of contacting me via the form present in bottom of page on each of my works.  If this one is already sold, I can make you one, on measure, according to your desires.

I wish you an excellent visit, hoping that you will find a painting that will enhance the standing and splendor of your interior decoration.

Sabine Karlès 💎


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